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Dragon summer camp is held at College Community Sports Centre, Weymouth, DT4 7LQ.

Arrival is from 12 noon on Thursday 27th July at which time you will be allocated a pitch and you can set up your tent, which you must erect yourself.

If you wish to camp next to friends/fellow club members, you will need to arrive together at the same time. We cannot 'leave space' for people to arrive later as we have an estimated 40-50 tents to accommodate and must have strict access gaps between rows of tents for fire-safety.

Each day there will be 2 compulsory training sessions, at around 7:30am and 4pm, and optional training sessions early afternoon. The rest of the day is your own. Traditional uniform should be worn at the 4pm training session and not in the morning training session.

There is a breakfast and dinner menu available which must be pre-ordered. If you wish to order and haven't received a form please contact your instructor.

Whilst packing for camp this year we have a few suggestions/reminders of what to bring;

-Bite/Bee Sting cream

-Sun Cream, and even more Sun Cream!

-Micropore tap

-Reusable ice pack

-Beach Wear



-Martial Arts uniform and club T-shirts

-Bostaff (if you have one)

-Nunchuks (if you have some)

-Sparring Kit

-Camping Chairs

-Food Supplies


-First Aid Supplies

We look forward to seeing you there!

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